23 June 2023

George Dumitru talks about differentiation through distribution in Phocuswire media

In a recent thought-provoking opinion piece featured on Phocuswire, a leading travel industry publication, George Dumitru, the CEO of wbe.travel, shares his expert insights on the crucial role of distribution in achieving differentiation in today’s highly connected travel landscape. Let’s dive into his compelling perspectives and explore how tech is shaping the future of travel distribution.

Differentiation through distribution when connectivity is commonplace - Phocuswire George Dumitru wbe.travel

It’s relatively straightforward for travel sellers to connect to a bedbank. The bedbanks do the heavy lifting, investing in the teams and technology that allow them to contract with hotels, load rates into their system and make these rates available, giving sellers easy access to tens of thousands of hotel rooms at the click of a button.

At the same time, it’s relatively straightforward for hotels to connect with bedbanks and make their inventory available via a bedbank. Hotels and other accommodation providers can broaden their reach by increasing the points of sale courtesy of the bedbanks’ network of clients.

But the relative straightforwardness of this scenario breaks down when it comes to selling this inventory. If anything, the ease of connectivity is clouding the picture when it comes to distribution, and it’s time to start thinking about these two processes in terms of the business models rather than the tech set-up. Step one is to accept that the cost of connectivity needs to be ringfenced from the cost of distribution.

Recently we’ve come across examples of where a lack of understanding of the business of connectivity and the business of distribution is causing major financial headaches.

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George Dumitru’s opinion piece on Phocuswire sheds light on the evolving role of distribution in the travel industry. By strategically leveraging connectivity, forging partnerships, and embracing innovative solutions, wbe.travel is at the forefront of driving differentiation and empowering travel companies to thrive in the digital era. As the industry continues to evolve, wbe.travel remains committed to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition and unlock new growth opportunities.


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