16 May 2023

Uzakrota Summit UK & Ireland 2023: Join wbe.travel’s CEO and Leading Travel Professionals in Dublin to discover digital partnerships

George Dumitru, the CEO of wbe.travel, is set to speak at the upcoming Uzakrota Summit UK & Ireland event in Dublin on May 22nd, 2023. Joining leading travel professionals like Javier García Carabias from Go Global Travel, James Lemon from Stripe, Luca Fenzo from Albatravel, and Lukas Zirker from Midnightdeal on stage, they will analyze and discuss how digital partnerships can help travel companies in opening new travel markets. The session will be moderated by Sabin Tarsoaga, the CEO & Co-Founder of Tale Travel.

Leading Travel Professionals Gather at Uzakrota Summit to Discuss Digital Partnerships

From 11:15 – 12:00 UK time, the speakers will address concerns such as identifying resilient travel markets and how brands can leverage digital platforms to expand into new markets. This session is a must-attend for travel professionals looking to grow their travel businesses and stay ahead of the curve.

George Dumitru wbe.travel CEO speaker , Javier García Carabias from Go Global Uzakrota Ireland and UK Travel, James Lemon from Stripe, Luca Fenzo from Albatravel, and Lukas Zirker from Midnightdeal

Discover how to open new travel markets at Uzakrota Summit UK & Ireland

The Uzakrota Summit is a leading event in the travel industry that attracts professionals from various sectors, including tour operators, online travel agencies, airlines, hotels, travel agencies, travel technology startups, accommodation investors, venture capitalists, technology companies, and distribution technology companies.

The summit has been held in several cities worldwide and in 2023, it will be hosted at the iconic Croke Park Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. The summit provides attendees with an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest travel technologies, trends, and strategies shaping the industry.

Uzakrota Summit UK & Ireland event in Dublin wbe.travel

Uzakrota Summit UK & Ireland: A Must-Attend Event for Travel Industry Professionals

It serves as a platform for networking, sharing experiences, and gaining insights from industry experts. Travel professionals attending this summit will benefit immensely from the speakers’ and fellow attendees’ knowledge and expertise. To learn more about the Uzakrota Summit UK & Ireland event and register, visit the official website at https://www.uzakrota.com/ireland23/.

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