29 May 2023

Empowering Hotel Distribution for travel companies with wbe.travel’s Technology

In a recent webinar hosted by HyperGuest, our esteemed colleague Radu Ciubotaru shed light on how wbe.travel’s Contracting + Extranet systems revolutionize hotel distribution for travel companies.

Hyperguest: When it comes to “Distribution” in the travel space, the big players, and world-renowned OTAs immediately spring to mind as if they were practically the only ones generating traffic and bookings. However, the world of travel is also characterized by many niche players and points of sale that use technologies such as wbe.travel. So, looking at this landscape, what could you tell us about their business volume and relative growth? If all these channels exist, how could hotels, for example, benefit from them?

As Radu explained, at wbe.travel, we specialize in delivering tailored travel technology solutions designed to optimize hotel distribution. While we don’t develop software specifically for hotels, our Contracting + Extranet systems offer comprehensive functionality with static and dynamic rate capabilities. With the support of our advanced XML Out technology, both PUSH and PULL integrations provide seamless connectivity to some of the world’s largest platforms.

Unlocking Hotel Distribution Potential with wbe.travel’s Travel Technology Solutions
When hotels or groups of hotels approach us, our best advice is to direct them towards a customer already utilizing our solution and operating in their region. This strategic recommendation allows hotels to gain instant exposure to major Online Wholesalers and GDS platforms by simply adding their rates to our customers’ Extranet platform.

One key aspect emphasized by Radu was the instrumental role of platforms like HyperGuest in accelerating the distribution process. Utilizing a platform like HyperGuest further streamlines the process, significantly speeding up the sales pitch. HyperGuest ensures that most static data is pre-prepared, before they hotels log in, enabling hotels to get up and running swiftly when partnering with a wbe.travel customer.

At wbe.travel, we are dedicated to empowering travel companies to unlock their distribution potential. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology solutions, travel resellers can expand their reach, increase bookings, and drive revenue growth.

Discover more info in the video below:
Unlocking Hotel Distribution Potential with wbe.travel's Travel Technology Solutions


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