14 December 2022

Upgrade in the Loyalty Points program in the B2B Travel Booking System

Following our last communication from 2021, regarding the Loyalty Points in the B2B Booking Platform, we would like to let you know that a new upgrade is now available for this feature.

Besides the usual travel products included in this program, such as hotel/accommodation and flights, now, you can also add multiple types of services within the loyalty program, such as: Car Rental, Transfers, Tours and also Offline services: for MICE, excursions, restaurant, VISA or other miscellaneous services related to travel.

Loyalty Points for travel services car rental, transfers, visa, hotel, flight - wbe.travel

The administrator of the travel company or the responsible person who establishes which agency gets the loyalty points or not, can also enable what services (online or offline) it can be applied to. This means that the loyalty points will be added when a booking is confirmed. Also, the loyalty points can be used to reconfirm bookings.

Loyalty Points program for travel agency - wbe.travel tech

A travel company can enable the Loyalty Points payment for any travel agency in their client portfolio on the Client dedicated page. If this type of payment is enabled at the agency level, then automatically it will be available to be activated for all the sub-agencies. The system does not allow different payment combinations, for example, half of the total sell to be reconfirmed with a credit line and half with loyalty points. The booking must be reconfirmed using only one payment method.

This new extension offers you the possibility to create new Loyalty programs for your agents and resellers, to better motivate them and incentives their selling actions.

If you need more information about this extension, please let us know, here. We look forward to receiving your questions.


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