26 October 2022

NEW in the B2B Booking System – Non refundable and room search filter

Discover the magic of the latest features in the wbe.travel B2B booking engine: the non-refundable and room search filter.

  • Now you can see only the Refundable options for each of your hotel suppliers (even if the suppliers do not send you this data in the search results)
  • The results and cancellation Policies are colour coded with our AI Tool for an easier interpretation of the cancellation policy
  • Auto-remove a lot of the Fake available properties so that your customer gets far fewer fake available results
  • Room name filter – our new feature allows your customers to quickly search for their desired room criteria and see the cheapest free cancellation policy combo for their choice of room, especially useful in a multi-supplier environment.


Non refundable and room search filter

Interested in seeing it working live? Ask us for a demo, here.



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