19 September 2022

wbe.travel nominated for Best Small Travel Technology provider by Travolution Awards

We are glad to let you know that wbe.travel has been nominated as “Best Small Technology Supplier” and for the “Best Technology Partnership” with Hotelmize. The nominations were made by Travolution for its Awards event happening on November 24th, 2022.

Both nominations come after a long period of great efforts to develop a complex, reliable software suite with global reach and innovative ways to support new partnerships to serve the modern needs of travel companies.

Best Small Technology Supplier

This award will be given to the small travel technology developer which is considered to have progressed the most in its field in the entry period. This might be a large legacy developer which has modernised its offering or a niche supplier which has seen success introducing a new or innovative concept. This category is open to companies with fewer than 50 employees whether providers of traditional software products, selling/tour operator platforms or Software as a Service (SaaS) or plug-in features and applications.

Best Small Technology Supplier

Best Technology Partnership

This award is looking for technology firms that have teamed up to pool their resources and know-how to provide enhanced solutions for the travel sector. With specialists increasingly working in collaboration today, we want to hear from technology developers that have forged a new partnership to create digital products or services that have met a need among travel clients in the last 12 months.

The nomination for this category was made for the successful collaboration of wbe.travel and Hotelmize to implement the innovative solution of rebooking mechanisms for travel companies to get an additional stream of profits. Read more about Rebooking solutions here and how it can help your travel business get a lower rate on existing hotel reservations.

Best travel Technology Partnership

About Travolution Awards

The Travolution Awards are the biggest annual celebration of the talents and achievements of brands and individuals in the online travel sector in the UK and beyond.
Each year Travolution’s handpicked judging panels of industry experts pour through hundreds of entries from travel brands, technology developers and digital services suppliers. Travolution’s team looks for evidence of success but, crucially, of the innovative thinking and creativity required to drive the travel industry forward into the modern digital era.

As life and travel have started returning to normal post-pandemic it’s going to be even more important to apply technology solutions to solve the challenges ahead as the recovery takes hold.
The winners will be announced at the annual ceremony in London on November 24.


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