25 August 2022

Our portfolio of hotel suppliers has grown with one more partner – Elevate DMC

Our portfolio of hotel suppliers has grown with one more partner Elevate DMC. We welcome the Middle East specialist, offering a great portfolio of accommodation properties in top destinations from the UAE & Oman. The directly contracted hotels are strictly negotiated by Elevate DMC’s team, which has +20 years of experience in travel and tourism.

Elevate DMC UAE Oman destination management API Integration hotel API inventory by wbe.travel

About Elevate DMC

Currently specializing in the UAE and Oman, Elevate DMC’s teams are experts in everything from destination marketing to negotiating contracts. The Elevate DMC head office is supported by our overseas teams, on hand to assist with product development, training and problem-solving.
The company is led by a team with more than 20 years of experience in running destination management companies and has its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Request your API integration with Elevate DMC

Offer your clients, resellers and travellers the possibility to find some of the best hotel deals in UAE and Oman. Choose a seamless API integration with the local Destination Management Company Elevate DMC to get the best rates from top destinations in the Middle East. Request your direct connection, here.



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