07 July 2022

Webinar alert – Reshaping Hotel Booking Experience by Vervotech & wbe.travel

How to increase bookings volumes and customer satisfaction by displaying the right hotel content

At a time when customers look at 20+ attributes before making a final booking decision, we are here to help you enrich the booking experience for your modern travelers. Discover alternative ways to increase booking volumes and improve long-term customer retention.

Event details

Date: 20 July 2022
Time: 10 AM (UK Time UTC+1)


  • Marvel Puri – Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Vervotech
  • Vinod Singh – Commercial Director – Mid dle East at Vervotech
  • Radu Ciubotaru – Director of Business Development at wbe.travel

Moderator: Claudia Bortas – Head of Marketing at wbe.travel

Webinar language: English

Webinar Reshaping Hotel Booking Experience by Vervotech & wbe.travel


We are all aware of the current bursting trends of “revenge travel” and how it has boosted the requests for big splurge vacations. Everyone wants a piece of the skyrocketing demand of travelers for holidays, long stays and revisiting old, dear places.

Hotel bookings have seen a tremendous rise and travelers are demanding more than ever a fast display of rich options in accommodation and organized, quality content for them to choose from. These arduous needs of modern travelers can easily be solved with the right travel technology, mapping solutions and quality content.

Our aim for this webinar is to guide you in making the most of this high demand for accommodation, by using innovative AI-powered technologies, to present bookable travel products in an easy-to-understand language. By displaying an organized portfolio of accommodation properties, you enhance your chances of getting more bookings and achieving long-term customer retention.

Key takeaways from this webinar

• How to sell better your hotel inventory.
• How to make the most of travel technology, mapping solutions and high-quality content.
• How to enhance the User Experience (UX) with up-to-date content with great quality and no duplicates and HD images.
• How to increase your booking volumes. You will be able to display any offer coming from your supplier and not miss anything – from XMLs to direct contracts. Unveil 100% of your hotel content coming from XML/API suppliers or from your own contracts, content which you may have missed due to having faulty mapping or no mapping at all.
• How to cut down any losses from selling outdated or bad content. Learn how to always keep and display up-to-date content and get have instant access to new, updated property information from your suppliers.
• How to grow your customer’s satisfaction by always booking the right property for the customers. How you can easily find and book the right accommodation from a rich, organized portfolio. Minimize the bad bookings by avoiding displaying staling content. Avoid bad bookings with hotel content re-validation.


Watch the webinar’s recording:

Vervotech & wbe.travel webinar - Reshaping Hotel Booking Experience


About Vervotech

Vervotech is a hotel content and mappings company that enables travel businesses to organize their unstructured accommodation data. Founded in 2018, Vervotech launched its flagship products- Hotel Mapping, Room Mapping and Hotel Master Content with a vision of establishing a global standard for accommodation data.

Vervotech’s innovative approach makes them the preferred mapping choice for the leading global travel and hospitality companies such as WebBeds, Hotel Planner, Hotelbeds.


About wbe.travel

wbe.travel is a European Travel Technology company powering up more than 150 travel companies across the world, with end-to-end software solutions hosted in the cloud. The off the shelf software products cover a full range of processes from inventory sourcing, contracting, mid-office management to selling via various selling channels for B2B, B2C, Corporate and even via XML Out.

wbe.travel’s technology is currently used by +45,000 Travel agents from all over the globe.


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