08 June 2022

Travel Tech Talks about hotel mapping with Vinod Singh, Vervotech

Travel Tech Talks – An open talk about hotel & room mapping with Vinod Singh – leading Commercial Director for the Middle East at Vervotech

Travel Tech interview with Vinod Singh Vervotech and Claudia Bortas wbe.travel

Claudia – wbe.travel: Hi Vinod. Thank you for joining us for this quick interview. Can you please introduce Vervotech to us and tell us about your travel tech experience?

Vinod – Vervotech: Vervotech is a SaaS-based travel technology company that simplifies the world of accommodation providers with Hotel & Room level mapping and content solutions. We enable travel companies, OTAs, DMCs, TMCs, and basically any accommodation provider sourcing the hotel content from more than 1 supplier to standardize their accommodation data through our AI-driven mapping products.

Vervotech was founded in 2018 by a team of passionate entrepreneurs to resolve the industry-wide challenge of hotel data duplication. Over the years, we have focused on delivering products and services that benefit our customers’ needs.

Technology has been a game-changer for the travel industry and is transforming every aspect of the hospitality industry. It’s the technology that’s aiding the needs of the ever-evolving consumer, and I believe due to tech, the travel industry was quick enough to bounce back from the repercussions of the pandemic.


Claudia – wbe.travel: What makes Vervotech unique in the travel market? What sets you apart from your competitors?

Vinod – Vervotech: As I mentioned, hotel content duplication has been a persistent problem for the accommodation segment and the existing players in the market were unable to deliver the transparency and qualitative product. Before us, Hotel Mapping solutions was a monopoly market with very few players dominating the terms but with Vervotech into the business, our competitors are feeling the heat and pushing their boundaries to retain and service the customers. So, end of the day customer is a winner.

Our unparalleled customer service and unmatched product experience make us a unique and preferred choice amongst travel brands. We, as a data company, are proud of our engineering and customer success team for their relentless work. I would say we place our customers at the centre of everything that we do, which I believe is lacking in our existing competitors.


Claudia – wbe.travel: What services does Vervotech provide and how do the services really help travel companies? Please state a few case studies.

Vinod – Vervotech: Vervotech is a data-driven company with a focus on hotel and room level mapping and hotel content solutions provider. Since we are always on top of what our customers are looking for, for now, we have four products:
• Hotel Mapping
• Room Mapping
• Curated Content

Our product helps Travel intermediaries like travel agencies and suppliers to eliminate data duplication at hotel and room level from the search result be it on POS, B2B, B2C, or corporate sales channels.

Travel businesses can gain unmatched accuracy and hotel coverage with our mapping tools and even sell properties that were unmapped earlier
We help them have unified and standardized content so they can sell mapped properties easily and provide a better booking experience to their customers.

Some of our customer success stories that I can share with you are:
• One of the fastest-growing Canadian OTAs collaborated with us to enhance their hotel booking volumes as a result of a higher mapping percentage and customer booking experience.
• Another unique case is a leading B2B travel portal that chose Vervotech over their in-house mappings team and gained an 8% increase in their revenue.
• We also have an exciting client, a risk management company that suffered from poor hotel data quality for their travel risk assessment. Using our Hotel Mapping and Curated Content, they increased operational efficiency by 200%.


Claudia – wbe.travel: Why did you choose wbe.travel as a partner? And how do you see the partnership evolving in time?

Vinod – Vervotech: wbe.travel has been the leading travel technology company globally for the past 13 years. Their SaaS offering made them more popular and able to attract and service more customers with that. They are experiencing growth all because of their strong values and belief in serving customers transparently, their customer approach & ROI-driven decision making. Vervotech is on the same growth trajectory, and with the same belief system connected very easily with WBE. And since our products could integrate well and bring value directly to end consumers, there was clearly a proposition to join hands.

Also, we saw an opportunity to improve hotel content for WBE’s customers which would help them to drive better conversions as travel sees recovery and growth like never before.

Thanks to you and Radu, for leading this collaboration to result in better service for our mutual customers.


Claudia – wbe.travel: What are your plans for Vervotech for the near future? What problems or gaps would you like to solve for travel companies in the near future?

Vinod – Vervotech was established with a vision of organising the world’s accommodation data. As you see, accommodation data is a fragment and there are still a lot of gaps in terms of quality, transparency and most of all customer service. We are here to address all these challenges and establish ourselves as the single source of truth for accommodation data.


Claudia – wbe.travel: How important is mapping in travel businesses nowadays? Can travel professionals survive and thrive without mapping?

Vinod – Vervotech: I would say mapping is no longer a luxury for OTAs or suppliers. It is a necessity. Every travel business that sells hotels, resorts or alternate accommodations like apartments, condos, lodges, guest houses, motels, hostels, etc. must invest in mapping tools to not only have zero duplicate content on their platform but also to have up-to-date hotel content, better visibility, enhanced user experience, customer retention and much more. I definitely think mapping will give every travel business a competitive advantage in this populated hospitality landscape.


wbe.travel has a full portfolio of tech solutions to help you automate processes, increase efficiency, and boost your sales. Give it a try. Schedule a call with our team and let’s find together the best ways to grow your business.