02 May 2022

Taking the partnership with Expedia to the next level with Rapid 3 API & EXPLORE 22

The renewal of the Expedia EPS partnership with Rapid 3 API

In 2019 February wbe.travel was one of the first technology companies that spearheaded the Expedia EPS partner program – a project that basically meant that Expedia would choose only the best mapped, the fastest and most proficient API connections to remain alive while closing more than 300+ non-performing IT houses. The main objective of the EPS Program was to forge closer relationships as well as deploy services faster.

Expedia Rapid 3 API integration - wbe.travel EPS Partner - Expedia Hotels

To be part of the program, partners needed to be up to speed with Rapid, Expedia’s latest API technology, to ensure they have most of the company’s content integrated at any given time and be able to meet EPS launch requirements. The requirements still stand today.

3 years after integrating Expedia’s top-performing API in most of our client’s systems, we’re at the 3rd version of Rapid API, already live in some of our clients’ systems. After 3 years of being an Expedia’s Certified Technology Partner, with countless integrations in several markets, we can truly share their feedback for our collaboration.

A straightforward feedback from Expedia

Thanks to the good relationship between both tech teams (wbe and EPS), we have now created a light-touch launch program that significantly improves our launches and consequently our time to market. wbe.travel’s teams are super flexible and always keen to offer the latest features. I’ve recommended wbe so many times in the last 3 years, and I will continue to do so from here on.

Rapid V3 – the API built for innovation

Rapid V3 was built to last and to deliver an endless number of innovations, on a daily basis, to help your travel business stay ahead of the curve. For a faster route to newness, you need the speed that keeps you ahead of the rest and technology that gives you the ability to deliver more.

Rapid V3 offers our clients and partners a new, revolutionary way to quickly increase their revenue and offer the end traveller a seamless booking experience. To help you do this, we make APIs the foundation of everything we do so that you have access to scalable, partner-shaped technology that will keep your business growing in the long term.

With V3 you forget about upgrades and get the latest features faster than ever before. Once integrated, you get instant access to new capabilities without having to upgrade every 6 months. And the list of benefits goes on for Expedia’s latest API Rapid 3.

What’s next at Expedia?

Expedia is preparing something new & exciting: Direct access to 500k+ Vrbo vacation rentals. A great way for travel companies to capitalize on the booming vacation rental market and offer travellers even more unique experiences. Find out more about their plans & future innovations at Explore 22 in Las Vegas. Meet our team there and ask them directly for your integration with the V3 Rapid API.

Join us at Expedia EXPLORE 22 Conference

EXPLORE 22 expedia conference wbe.travel EPS partner Rapid API integration-min

We are happy to bring our experience in working with Expedia to the next level and this is why our team will be present in Las Vegas on the 4th and 5th of May at the Expedia’s event, EXPLORE 22.

EXPLORE 22 conference was built to offer the travel trade an opportunity for live networking, learning and inspiration. At the event, Expedia’s teams will present their new innovations focused on improving the end-to-end experience for travellers everywhere.


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