11 April 2022

wbe.travel opens a new office in Las Vegas, USA

April 11th, 2022 –  Las Vegas, USA

The European headquartered software company wbe.travel has opened a new technology hub to serve American travel companies.

wbe.travel has been offering state of the art technology solutions to travel companies in MENA, the EU and Asia for the past 15 years. So it was only normal to broaden its reach and enhance its presence in the United States. Following the ambitious plan for business expansion before COVID, wbe.travel is now proudly announcing the opening of the new office in Las Vegas, USA.

Now US companies will get access to our straightforward consultancy based approach, which has aided us in carrying out over 125 implementations across 38 countries.

Companies that have a 3rd party travel software and need more tech solutions, more supplier connectivity or simply a fresh approach, can now benefit from our presence in the US. Firms that built their own software and need to branch out with a tried and tested engine can definitely benefit from having a live meet up with our team.


ZoyTrip.com, our partner for this ride

We were already proficiently serving a couple of travel companies in the regions and now we are looking to offer our US growing customer base a point of contact and meetings. Our first customer in the region is ZoyTrip.com, an experienced incoming travel company with over 15 years of experience in catering to Vegas clientele.

The strong partnership that ZoyTrip has with the world-renowned MGM group allows them to provide their B2B travel network with a unique portfolio of local hotels, experiences, shows and many other perks.

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And because we started this journey alongside a longtime partner, ZoyTrip.com, allow them to share their experience with you.

“After working with several local IT houses, the solution developed by the great team at wbe simply clicked with us. It was user friendly and the fastest one out of all that we’ve tested. We have been using wbe for a couple of years and they always went above and beyond to cater to our deadlines and to help in scaling up our business and processes. The system is highly automated and allows for a huge level of XML and staff control and we feel wbe is a crucial partner for our success and we are happy to partner with them on their Las Vegas presence and United States expansion plans.” said SJ Yoo – Vice President of Operations at ZoyTrip.com

Our future goals include installing more local suppliers and the MGM API of Tickets and Activities in order to better suit our US customer needs. Our present mix of suppliers has content everywhere in the North and South America, as well as around the world. Key suppliers such as Expedia, HotelBeds, Restel (HOTUSA), the WebBeds Group, GoGlobal, Paximum and many more are waiting for you to sign up and check their US inventory.

“The fast-paced travel recovery has motivated us to open new markets, to offer American companies a SaaS solution with a “Pay-as you Grow” model as a  great, competitive alternative to local players’ offering. We plan to provide US travel companies with a stable, complete portfolio of software products, built especially for the travel industry; a suite to rely on and use on a daily basis to grow their online business and better manage their resources.” said Radu Ciubotaru, Director of Business Development at wbe.travel.

The address of the new office:

wbe.travel Las Vegas
6543 S Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 200,
Las Vegas, NV 89119 USA

Telephone: +1 725-239-3949
800 number: 855-976-9907

E-mail: sales@wbe.travel
See the new location on Google Maps

wbe.travel opens a new office in Las Vegas - LA travel software


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