19 January 2022

Travel agents – We’ve found a way to help you boost your sales in 2022

Travel agents – get more sales in 2022 with travel management software solutions

We know you might be facing difficulties regarding the work-from-home situation of your staff. We, at wbe.travel have come up with a flexible Pay as you Grow business model that solves the typical remote travel agency challenges.

How many of these are affecting your business?

  • You have more and more supplier logins and spend hours searching for the best rooms to create a quote
  • You’re losing clients to the big OTAs, even when your rates are better, due to the speed of your team’s replies
  • You jump between multiple Excel files to track customer special requests: Tours, Transfers, Low-Cost flights, Visas, Restaurants, Miscellaneous
  • You go through a lengthy process to run a live comparison between your own contract rates and 3rd party inventory
  • Your staff is tied to a PC and can do very little from a mobile device if they get a customer inquiry


Travel agents Triple your quotes in 2022 with travel software

But what if?

  • You could send out all the quotes within a minute of getting a request
  • You would have a tool where to actually upload your own contracted hotel rates
  • You could get rid of Excel once and for all and keep all bookings in one central location
  • You would track your staff’s activity even while working remotely
  • You could run a search & book from your mobile whenever you need it
Travel agency review for travel software wbe.travel

Access our state of the art tech suite implemented for 140 clients in 42 countries.

Travel Software free trial to test 2wbe.travel helps you save time and money while allowing you to serve your customers faster than before.

What’s in the box?

  • Fully featured mid-office that allows you to manage markups, suppliers, reservations and staff
  • A state of the art in-house/call center solution in order to fully control your reservations
  • An offline tool for you to add external bookings for Hotels, Tours, Transfers, Visas, Restaurants
  • 3 API integrations with your hotel suppliers plus unlimited APIs with our Premium+ partners
  • The contracting engine that enables you to add unlimited own contracted properties
  • Our innovation pack: 100+ new features per year, upgrades and updates & many more.

We have a package that fits every travel business. Please check below wbe.travel’s comprehensive travel technology solutions.

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