21 October 2021

What to expect from wbe.travel in the autumn of 2021?

What to expect from wbe.travel in the autumn of 2021? Events, product launches, fresh partners and a new pricing plan

We have a full stack of surprises coming up this autumn for our partners, present and future clients. After more than 1 year of a standstill, we decided to resume our attendance at live events. We started with Arabian Travel Market that has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to resume past talks, revive old partnerships and open new markets.

Autumn’s activity began with the insightful European Summit organized by Travolution at the end of September. Now we continue the series of events with World Travel Market in London, Tourism Innovation Summit in Seville and Uzakrota Global Summit. Click below on the logo of each event and schedule your one-on-one meeting with our team.

Events calendar

world travel market london wbe.travel

World Travel Market

1-3 November 2021 – London, United Kingdom


imex amerca las vegas wbe.travel travel software

Imex America

9-11 November 2021 – Las Vegas


Tourism Innovation Summit wbe.travel travel technology

Tourism Innovation Summit

9-12 November 2021 – Seville, Spain


uzakrota Global Summit wbe.travel travel technology

Uzakrota Global Summit

2-3 December 2021 – Online


Product launches and new features

This year, like the previous one we’ve fully dedicated our team to research and development. We’ve analyzed the major studies and findings in the market, read about the latest tech trends and had so many talks with our clients and leads about innovation, desired features and needed upgrades. All this information was transformed into upgrades, updates and new launches.

In May 2021 we first announced the first version of our brand new B2C Web Application built on top of the WebAPI. The B2C Website received a complete facelift and has now the dark mode feature that both Google and Linkedin are embracing. Travelers can now make a side-by-side hotel comparison and can share it with their family and friends. Travel companies can establish in the B2C Website non-refundable filters for their API accommodation providers and offer members login for booking management.

The search in the new B2C is now even easier with the new smart search feature that helps the user browse instantly for hotels, Points of interest, or destinations based on user input, using a combination of words.

Smart Search in the B2C Website for Travel agency by wbe.travel

The Web API on which the B2C was built has had its official release by mid-summer and offers a rich, resourceful inventory using just one endpoint for multiple travel APIs. The Web API is a REST-based API built and optimized especially for the end-user facing booking journey for accommodation and flights services.

Niched Travel businesses such as LGBTQ+ travel, senior travel, families, packages, disabled or honeymooners can now use our tailor-made software solutions. We’ve prepared our tech offering to help the niched travel companies sell properties that offer only certain facilities such as wellness, wheelchair access, gay friendly, pet friendly etc becomes a key in their niche.

Moreover, we offer to this type of businesses the possibility to create and override the actual content, which is sent out by third parties. This has been for them such a pain point since just a few tech providers in the market offer this feature. Our solutions for niched companies are simple to set up, come with a monthly price plan that requires a ZERO installation charge and allows your business to be up and running in no time – usually around 2 to 3 weeks.

For the latest product updates you can browse here and discover them step by step.

Fresh partners from where you can get your travel inventory

  • Amadeus Value Hotel – the world-renowned GDS is feeding our clients net hotel rates from over 400,000 properties
  • Hotelmize – Fresh rebooking solutions to increase the profitability of our client’s business by up to 35%
  • Paximum – the newest to join the Premium+ program with 0 installation fee and no monthly costs
  • YieldPlanet – Channel Manager via Ambergris connection to better surpass the challenges of distribution and revenue management
  • Hotel Runner – Channel Manager with certified tech solutions by Expedia to maximize your online presence, enhance your occupancy rates without any risks of overbooking, and reach potential guests globally.

Old partners with a new connection

  • We’ve completed the re-certification process with Mystifly for the new Airline Shopping and Retailing Hub, to exchange data and functionality more easily, with enhanced security. Intuitive & Simplified API Platform for search, ticket, ancillary sales and post bookings management process on more than 700+ Full-Service Airlines including Low-Cost Airlines.
  • We’ve finished the upgrades on the API connection with Knet and Authorize.net


New pricing plan for travel technology saas pricing travel software

NEW Pricing plan for SaaS

We’ve been monitoring the travel market and our clients’ activity to create a new, affordable pricing plan for our end-to-end travel technology suite. This is how we developed the final form of the new Software as a Service offering, to be able to provide robust tech solutions for all travel companies.

We had in mind all types of travel businesses: from Start-ups that have a limited budget for tech investment to well-established agencies that have a history of more than 10 to 30 years of operating offline, to offer them the possibility to establish their online presence, get accustomed to travel technology, understand how it works and how it can help their business. We haven’t forgotten the travel businesses that have a well-established online business but need to boost their growth or those that require tech improvements and customizations. We look forward to serving you all with complex SaaS solutions.

If all the upgrades and updates of the system and portfolio have convinced you that wbe.travel could be your next tech partner send us an e-mail and meet us at the autumn events. We look forward to meeting you in person.


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