09 April 2021

Travel Tech Talks – interview with Dor Krubiner, Founder & CEO Hotelmize

Hotelmize recently became the official partner of wbe.travel for their innovative Rebooking Solutions, a fully automated software that helps travel companies in optimizing their profits from existing sales. To better understand Hotelmize and its business profile we invited Dor Krubiner, the Founder and CEO of the company, for a quick interview explaining his experience in the industry, how the idea came to life and what plans he has for the fresh brand in the near future.

Travel Tech Talks – interview with Dor Krubiner, Founder & CEO Hotelmize

Radu – wbe.travel: Can you introduce Hotelmize to us and tell us about your travel tech experience?

Dor – Hotelmize: I started as an investment manager in charge of managing billions of dollars for institutional clients. It provided me with a unique insight into the role of market arbitrage and trading strategy companies in the niche. I figured out that the travel industry and consumers can benefit from having access to similar services.

This is how I decided to put a team together and build Hotelmize – a platform that leverages Big Data to help hotel resellers unlock hidden hotel booking profits. This was five years ago when I had limited travel tech experience. Over the years, with more experience, I was able to help custom-tailor Hotelmize further to reflect the specific needs of the hotel booking industry.

Radu – wbe.travel: What makes Hotelmize unique in the travel market?

Dor – Hotelmize: If I had to name one thing that makes Hotelmize unique in the travel market, it would be the fact that we are a data-first company. Hotelmize is rooted in big data along with all of its capabilities. Thanks to our unique approach, we managed to establish a new category in post-booking revenue management.

Our goal is to enable our clients to identify and capitalize on new opportunities. Before Hotelmize, these opportunities were hidden, and our clients were unable to monetize on them. Instead of focusing on selling commodities, we are focused on selling unique and data-driven products.

Radu – wbe.travel: What services do you have, and will your business be famous for them?

Dor – Hotelmize: Hotelmize is most famous for its re-pricing capabilities. Our big data solutions are powered by sophisticated algorithms able to make use of booking price volatility. Thanks to our niche approach, Hotelmize is the market leader in this category.

We are currently serving more than 70 clients from 18 countries. Some of our clients are one of the biggest in the industry. Our solutions were recently recognized, and Hotelmize won the Phocuswright innovation award for our Virtual Contractor product.

Radu – wbe.travel: Why did you choose wbe.travel as a partner? And how do you see the partnership evolving?

Dor – Hotelmize: Here at Hotelmize, we are always looking for reliable partners among professionals providers. One of our goals is to expand our tech stack offer and enable our clients to identify and pursue more relevant market opportunities. Partnering with wbe.travel reflects our strategy perfectly and is a natural evolution of our business model.

We trust that partnering up with companies such as wbe.travel helps us achieve precisely this. It helps us provide a better tech stack to our clients and help them facilitate business growth and expansion.

Radu – wbe.travel: How did you cope with Coronavirus affecting your business, and how do you see the impact of the previous year on the future business?

Dor – Hotelmize: The last year wasn’t optimal for anyone involved in the travel industry. However, the coronavirus pandemic did bring to everyone’s attention the necessity of solutions such as Hotelmize. We managed to penetrate new markets and increase our presence in the market overall.

Thanks to our strong financial background, we could make some bold moves and grow our company. I would like to seize this opportunity to say how proud I am of everyone on the Hotelmize team. Despite everything that is going on, we managed to continue to stay motivated and push forward.

Radu – wbe.travel: What are your plans for the near future of your business? What problems or gaps would you like to solve for travel companies in the near future?

Dor – Hotelmize: We keep a close eye on all booking process challenges. We decided to tackle one of the industry’s biggest challenges – the lack of room name standardization. It causes a lot of nuances. We have the resources and capability to solve it, and our team has already started working on it.

With this in mind, it is a great pleasure to inform you that our team is continuously working on improving the Room Mapping solution, which is getting more traction with every passing day.

Radu – wbe.travel: Do you have any advice for the new travel businesses just starting?

Dor – Hotelmize: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that technology only disrupts the best practices in the industry. Tech is much more than this. It can help you build an infrastructure specific to your business needs and provide you with access to a state-of-the-art tech stack.

One that can help you gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd. It’s what Hotelmize has to offer.

Radu – wbe.travel: Thank you so much for all the insights.


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