23 March 2021

NEW Update Microsoft .NET 5.0 allows you to sell hotels faster via XML Out

We’ve been working tirelessly during the past months to offer our clients the latest available tech suites. We’re happy to announce that we’ve upgraded to the Microsoft .Net 5.0 Framework. The new tech update was released by Microsoft at the end of November 2020 and we already had it working by December 2020.

What’s in it for you?

This major upgrade, from versions 4.x.x to 5.0 is more efficient with the database resources and was written to take into account the large chunks of data that newer systems have to manipulate. Searches, bookings, users and lists are all able to be accessed faster.

Sell Hotels faster via XML Out with Microsoft .NET 5.0 from wbe.travel

Reduces the latency and increases the speed of answering API requests

You can get up to 10 times faster access times for XML requests (from 2 seconds to 0.2 seconds). And in most travel companies this means a faster XML Out and more results being delivered to your own B2C or to a 3rd party client.

reduce wake up time .net 5.0 wbe.travel

Decrease the wake-up time of applications

Fact: Each application has a wake-up time – a period in which when the new version is launched the application is written and can be accessed by users.
.NET 5.0: Now the wake-up times are dramatically reduced and after each update, clients can use the applications faster.

MORE SPEED LESS WORK .net 5.0. wbe.travel
Keep the same XML/JSON Out protocol that your clients already have installed.

With the new .NET 5.0 we can now serve hundreds of simultaneous requests per search and your clients (who previously installed your JSON or XML Out powered by us) will be able to keep the same integration and benefit simply of a more increased speed.

Interested in discovering all the benefits? Just ask us.


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