03 December 2020

MADA, SADAD, MOTO and Taqseet ready – wbe.travel facilitates your travel business to accept every form of payment from MENA travelers

MADA, SADAD, MOTO and Taqseet ready – wbe.travel facilitates your travel business to accept every form of payment from MENA travelers

The most important forms of payment are ready for your travel business, to collect as best and as much as possible.

After a previous successful implementation of MOTO and Taqseet a few years back, wbe.travel has added two more features from the payment gateway supplier Amazon Payment Services: MADA Debit Cards Solution and SADAD for Merchants. Amazon Payment Services makes online payments safe and secure for buyers and sellers in the Arab world, delivering a complete suite of payment solutions that cater to the needs of the region and are tailored to Arab online buying habits and trends.

Go local or regional and choose alternative payment options for every traveler in the MENA Region

Meet your customer’s demands by offering local payment methods specifically customized and appealing to the needs of the country or region such as SADAD, and also expand with Amazon Payment Services’ local leading acquirers that can settle in the local currency.

Amazon Payment Services gateway supports SADAD for Merchants residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). More and more Saudi travel businesses are beginning to rely on online payment processes that’s why the addition of SADAD account to Amazon Payment Services will provide businesses with the means to accept payments.

SADAD account payment Payfort through wbe.travel Payment Gatewat for Travel companies in Saudi


SADAD account connects all Saudi consumers to modern payment channels, regardless of their payment preferences. wbe.travel’s partner – Amazon Payment Services offers SADAD account for merchants residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) which will provide Saudi travel businesses with the means to accept payments from an even wider range of travelers. Expand your customer base with SADAD account that provides your business with an easy, secure and convenient payment platform online. Grant your travel products more visibility, facilitate accessibility and help your travel business grow.

Offer your customers a great and secure experience online

Amazon Payment Services is Safeguarding your payment channels with the latest security by offering a powerful interface with easy integration & easier to comply with PCI standard.

Sadad safe payment for travel services

One API, One Integration

Travel companies usually find it difficult to keep integrating payment methods, tools and various APIs to help them grow and scale their business. Amazon Payment Services solved this by having a One Easy Integration that covers all payment stack options that will be selected by you. Moreover, activating any feature in the payment stack ecosystem will automatically adjust the payment flow to include all options and features you choose to be in your payment stack.


Enable MADA Debit Cards for online payments in Saudi Arabia

Capture the opportunity to expand your travel business reach by accepting MADA cards to enhance the customer experience on your checkout page. Amazon Payment Services is partnering with MADA under the supervision of SAMA in taking a strategic initiative to enable all MADA cards for online buyers to enjoy a convenient way to digitalize cash and increase the spending through their existing MADA cards through various KSA e-commerce merchants.

Mada cards for travel payments

About MADA

MADA is a new identity of the Saudi Payment Network (SPAN) and the advanced generation of electronic payments in Saudi Arabia. It connects all automated teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) terminals throughout the country to a central payment switch that in turn re-routes the financial transactions between a merchant’s bank and the card issuer bank. The system also permits regional and global acceptance through connecting with other payment systems such as GCC Net, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express to provide MADA cardholders with a wider acceptance locally and overseas.

MADA card is a debit card issued by local banks in Saudi Arabia that allows a cardholder to access funds in their accounts. And it works in the same mechanism of regular ATMS cards with newer standards of security and added-value features.

Deliver seamless customer experience on checkout

Customers will go through the same payment experience as Amazon Payment Services enables MADA debit cards on their gateway as a new accepted card scheme similar to Visa, MasterCard & American Express to enjoy a seamless payment experience while completing traveler’s order and without any additional step required.

MOTO payments for travel companies

Evolve with the market

It’s easy to feel all alone if you run a MOTO business. MOTO merchants have been facing headwinds for much of the past decade. But the business model is not doomed. Rather, the travel industry is evolving to better serve the needs of customers across the country.

About MOTO

MOTO is an acronym for Mail Order and Telephone Order. The term applies to travel companies that accept orders by phone, mail & fax.MOTO customers often want personal services and the peace of mind that comes from speaking to a travel agent prior to buying. In fact, travelers are willing to pay more for better, more personal service, especially in the travel industry.

Paying over the phone or through fax is a form of ‘card-not-present’ transaction, which needs added layers of security. Fortunately, payment processors offer special accounts to MOTO businesses that solve these issues. These accounts allow your travel business to access a virtual terminal that can accept payments over the phone or through the mail. All transactions are routed through acquiring banks and all the details are encrypted for data protection. Acquiring banks process the payments and help you minimize the risks involved.

Travel businesses that use MOTO can easily take advantage of safe and secure virtual terminal payment processing. Specialized payment gateways help your travel business leapfrog the competition. Build trust & boost sales by offering phone, mail and fax payments through a secure and efficient channel for your travelers.

About Taqseet

Taqseet Card is a financing tool that has been specially designed to help travelers to purchase travel services and pay back on flexible installments over the time period of their choice.

What makes the Taqseet Card so unique is the ability to obtain several finance facilities running on just one card at the same time. One of its features is the ability to settle the purchases in installments up to the settled number of months of each particular bank that issues this type of card.


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