03 November 2020

wbe.travel nominated for three categories at the annual Travolution.com Awards

We’re really glad to let you know that wbe.travel has been nominated and shortlisted not for one but for three categories for the annual Travolution.com Awards as “Best Technology Supplier”, “Best Travel Retail Platform” and “Best Use of Data”. This year’s nominations are followed by the one from the 2019 edition of the Travolutions Awards when wbe.travel was shortlisted as Best Tech Provider.

· Best Technology Supplier

This award will be given to the travel technology developer which is considered to have progressed most in its field in the entry period. This might be a large legacy multinational which has modernised its offering or a small niche supplier which have seen success introducing a new or innovative concept. This category is open to companies of all sizes whether providers of traditional software products, selling/tour operator platforms or Software as a Service (SaaS) or plug-in features and applications.

Travolution Awards Best Technology Supplier nomination for wbe.travel - Travel technology
· Best Travel Retail Platform

Travolution is looking for the best platform that enables travel retailers of all kinds to provide their clients with the most optimised, user-friendly digital search and book experience in the sector. Account will be taken of the usability, speed, and adaptability of the platform to suits users’ needs. We will want to see clear evidence of success and innovation in adapting the technology to meet the needs of clients.

Travolution Awards Best Travel Retail Platform nomination for wbe.travel - Travel technology
· Best Use of Data

This award will be given to the technology company or in-house technology team judged to have used modern technologies to make the most intelligent and successful use of data in its business to tailor its clients’ messages to their target market. Judges will be looking for innovative techniques in both the collation and analysis of data and for success in exploiting the insights it offers, while keeping with new data protection regulations. Particular notice will be taken of advances and innovations made within the last 12 months.

Travolution Awards Best Use of Data nomination for wbe.travel - Travel technology

The Travolution Awards recognize the most innovative and exciting work in digital travel and are unique in focusing on the brands in online, digital and tech. Since 2007, the Travolution Awards have recognized the best technology suppliers, travel agencies, hotels, and airlines. Every year the award showcases achievements in marketing, distribution, and technology innovation. Having given it careful consideration Travolution has decided to take this opportunity to once again celebrate our sector’s ingenuity and vibrancy at this year’s Travolution Awards on 3 December, 2020.


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