07 October 2020

B2C Booking Engine is now available in wbe Start with no set-up fees

B2C Booking Engine is now available in wbe.Start with no set-up fees

We would like to honestly thank all our readers for the overwhelmingly positive reply received to our wbe.Start plan – ZERO installation fees for European built proven travel technology. But we have to admit that it was also met with a growing desire to offer as well an OTA platform with hotels, flights and dynamic packages as part of wbe.Start.

We are happy to announce that today our team has managed to find a way to offer you exactly what you wanted. Of course, we had to take out some customization options which are still available on our License plan, but this allowed us to waive out the installation fees COMPLETELY from B2C on the wbe.Start plan.

B2C Booking Engine for travel now available in wbe Start with no set-up fees

Launch your own Mobile-Friendly B2C Platform in no time!

  • Integrations with world-renowned suppliers of Hotels and Flights with your own contracts and rates;
  • Dynamic packages of Hotels + Flights;
  • Payment gateway integration from our list of already connected Payment Gateways, so all client payments will reach YOU directly;
  • Your own Logo on the B2C platform and on your vouchers/tickets;
  • Branding with your own corporate image: Color scheme + Buttons + Fonts;
  • Your own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages;
  • A mobile-friendly site that works on any mobile device: iOS, Android, Windows etc;


If you would like to arrange a live demo or test directly the B2C Booking Engine send us an e-mail at sales@wbe.travel. We look forward to receiving your questions and requests.



1 month of free trial. No credit card required.