29 June 2020

wbe.travel in WTM Global Hub: Now is the time for technology that works

The World Travel Market’s Global Hub featured on their recently launched blog an editorial material from Mr. George Dumitru, wbe.travel’s CEO. The article details why travel technology is crucial now and in the next steps that will come after the travel industry is revived and working as it used to.

WTM Global Hub was created to keep the events and travel industry connected, during these unprecedented times to keep the travel professionals engaged, informed and more importantly, to keep the conversation going. WTM Global Hub was designed by Reed Exhibition that organizes on a yearly base the world-renowned travel events such as World Travel Market and Arabian Travel Market.

WTM Global Hub - Tech that works - small

As the travel industry has moved online to work remotely with the ongoing global crisis, technology plays an important role in assuring our continuous connection to the entire world. From reliable conference software to other tech products we use for e-mail or instant messaging, it is a fact that our daily life now relies on technology.

While an unfortunate way to learn a lesson on the power of digital, the dramatic downturn in travel could be an opportunity for companies to become more efficient.

The standstill of the travel market – An opportunity to prepare for recovery and your chance to shine

It is clear that the travel industry will weather the storm sooner rather than later. In several webinars that I have recently attended, there were travel leaders that mentioned how they are making the most of this time by investing in technology to prepare for a relaunch by the end of the year or at the beginning of the next one. Moreover, they are also using technology for another scope, to engage their employees and to keep them occupied. If everything were normal, they would not have had the time to implement the new software products and train their teams.

This would be one of the positive outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic but unfortunately, not all companies possess the resources to build a new system so the limited budget drives a big question mark to travel companies looking out for the next step aid.



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