10 June 2020

New Events Module – B2C Booking System’s latest extension

New Events Module – B2C System’s latest extension

We are glad to let you know that we have launched the Events Module for the B2C Booking System. The new addition acts as an extension of the pre-existing B2C platform, providing travel companies a tool for offering their clients accommodation services associated with specific events.

New Events Module in the B2C Travel Booking System - Hotel Booking Engine - Small

The Events Module hosts a Hotel Booking Engine where travel companies can add various events and list the desired hotels associated with that particular event. The attendee, the client of the travel company browses the portal, filters the list by date or category and selects the event he’s interested in. He clicks it and books the hotels promoted by the travel company. The attendee is literally 3 clicks away from securing their accommodation and the travel company from gaining an additional line of profit, from events.

Sounds good but how does it work?

Once wbe.travel adds the extension to the B2C Booking System, the travel company logs into the Mid and Back Office, adds in the portal the desired events with photo galleries and descriptions and then specifies the desired dates.

Events Module B2C Booking System - Official Hotels for events-small

Show the preferred hotels first

If a travel company has a pre-negotiated preferential rate with a hotel, or a chain or a great deal with an accommodation supplier those will be the first choices to be shown on the events page. The company sets in the portal the chosen hotels for each event particularly and splits them into categories, that will show up for the attendee as promoted. The accommodation properties will be split into three classes: Official Hotels, Featured Hotel and Alternate Hotels, with the first category being the most visible.

Events Module B2C Booking System - Featured Hotels for events-smallEvents Module B2C Booking System - Alternate Hotels for events - small

Apart from the promoted hotels, the travel company can offer the attendee the possibility to browse, on the same page, for other hotels by searching for them in the same city as the event. The search field can be restricted by the travel company on the specific city and dates of the event, plus or minus a few days before and after the event.

Events Module B2C Booking System - search for hotels - small

Search, Book and Pay

Once the attendee starts searching with the aim to book a hotel for that event he gets redirected in the B2C Booking System for the whole experience of easy booking and payment. Afterward, the attendee can filter the hotels based on the neighborhoods, points of interest, property type, amenities, meals, Tripadvisor Rating, price, map view and many more.

Once the reservation process goes through, the client fills in all the needed information, he gets redirected in a secured page and makes the payment with the credit/debit card. After the payment, the reservation is accepted and gets listed in the Mid & Back Office associated with that particular event.

How many bookings can an event bring you?

This is a piece of information that the travel company can easily find in the Mid and Back Office. The user can filter the hotel reservation under the specific name of the event and discover how many bookings that particular event has brought him.

Mark-up per event

The travel company can set in the Mid & Back Office a different mark-up for each event. It can even adjust a distinct price per event, lower or higher than in the regular B2C System, offering great flexibility in price adjustment. The company can choose the accommodation suppliers; how many are shown in the Events Portal, if they are different from the B2C System and so on.


The module was designed to provide all types of travel businesses with an additional line of profit. Even a Travel Management Company can have in its B2C System an Events Module for its corporate clients to log in, search and book hotels for those particular conferences they are planning to attend to.

The Events Portal can be populated with all types of events, from medical conferences and congresses to sports gatherings, to trade shows, concerts and many more.

For a complete demonstration contact us at sales@wbe.travel. We’ll be expecting your request.


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