13 March 2020

The future is about distribution – George Dumitru speaker at UZAKROTA Travel Summit

George Dumitru keynote panelist speaker at UZAKROTA Balkan Travel Summit

Even though most of the travel trade shows and conferences are being postponed due to the global crisis caused by the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Uzakrota’s team stood up and organized on the 10th of March the 6th edition of the Balkan Travel Summit in a safe location, in Belgrade, Serbia. It was a courageous move but a wise one, to keep up the positive mood for all travel professionals attending or following remotely the event.

The future is about distribution

wbe.travel’s CEO, Mr. George Dumitru addressed the crowd attending the regional travel summit and shared his knowledge and his opinion about the evolution of online platforms. He stated that the future is about distribution at least in the online travel zone, for both the B2B and B2C channels.

Travel companies will need to distribute their best available rates to as many systems as possible so they have to make sure that their partner, the tech company, can deliver on a large scale and can consolidate as many APIs as possible.

At the moment and for the near future we are in an API ecosystem and it is not enough just to buy from 2-3 sources but rather from hundreds or even more, to secure your best rates. Another important aspect is to check before you choose your tech provider if it can collect and manage in a unified interface a mixed inventory of own contracted rates, on top of the dynamic ones and combine them with the XML rates.

George Dumitru joined on stage several speakers from leading travel businesses from Balkans, Europe and the Middle East such as Air Serbia, HotelsPro, Meetings.com, Hotelplanner.com, EscalaBeds, Wirecard, TravelZone, Halal Travels, Hotelmize, Balkan Holidays and many more.

About Uzakrota Travel Summit

Uzakrota Travel Summit is one of the largest conferences in Turkey that connects the biggest companies with the brightest minds and professionals of the travel industry from around the world. It is organized for online travel agencies, airline companies, hotels, travel technology start-ups, hospitality investors, venture capitalists, tech companies and distribution tech companies.

On the 10th of March, Uzakrota Travel Summit came to the Balkans. It took place in Belgrade with the participation of tourism professionals from Balkans, Europe, the Middle East, and Turkey.

Plans and events attendance for 2020

We all need to stay positive that events are being postponed rather than canceled and the advanced notice is key as we prepare for the months ahead. Although this is a big change for us all, travel and technology professionals, it will offer us more time to focus on our goals for 2020 and develop great strategies and products to streamline the efforts, both in terms of human resources workload but more important with a lower impact on future investments.

We will constantly update wbe.travel’s events calendar HERE and let you know when and where you will have the next opportunity to meet our team face-to-face. Meanwhile, you can arrange a virtual meeting with our Business Development team and start planning together how you will approach the risk-free investment in travel technology.


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