18 March 2020

Extension of Offline Module with flights reservation

Extension of Offline Module with flights reservation

As part of our strategy for improving the system with more and more functionalities, we extended our Offline Module with an extra feature – Flights Reservation. The new component of the Mid and Back Office can be found within the Offline Module in the New Reservation features’ list.

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What’s in for you?

In just a few simple words the update gives you the possibility to add within your management tool – the Mid and Back Office the flight reservations that you or your agents have done manually, outside wbe.travel’s booking system.

The main purpose of this new feature is to offer travel companies the possibility to gather all the bookings in just one system. Why in just one system? Well, as you may all know it is far more efficient to search and manage in only one source, all the types of bookings that your team has done in a set period.

All the collected data in the Reservation list can afterward be used for:

  • Accurate reporting
  • Analysis
  • Credit management
  • Issuing invoices and other financial documents using the Finance Module from wbe.travel
  • Record payments and markups


In the new extension for offline flights reservation you can set up and fill in all the needed information from the flight reservation such as booking details, type (domestic or international), class (Economy, Business, Premium Business, etc), status, segments, supplier name, client details, if it’s roundtrip or just one way, the net and the selling prices, markup added and not the least, you can add the extra services like extra luggage, meals, seats, etc.

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The extension for the offline flight booking completes the set of services already offered in the Offline Module for booking Hotels, Transfers, Excursions, Visa, Restaurant, Meetings, and miscellaneous services, outside wbe.travel’s system.

If you would like to find out more about the new extension of the Offline Module please contact our Business Development team at sales@wbe.travel.


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