16 January 2020

TravelFusion is LIVE on wbe.travel! 330 LCCs & ancillaries ready to be booked

TravelFusion is LIVE on wbe.travel system! 330 LCC & ancillaries ready to be booked

We would like to happily announce that we launched the leader of the Low-cost carrier airline aggregation – TRAVELFUSION. wbe.travel has developed an XMP API connection with Travelfusion, to gain direct access for its clients, to the content from more than 330 Low-cost carriers and scheduled airlines.

Direct XML API Integration

With a rich set of functions and versatile integration capabilities, the Direct Connect XML API system allowed us to link directly between wbe.travel’s system and Travelfusion’s online booking system. With real-time availability and fully automated booking processes, this innovative system is constantly updated and is backed by both technical support teams: wbe.travel and Travelfusion.


Travelfusion’s proven and scalable architecture enables fast adaptability to changes in the industry including full support for ancillary services. wbe.travel has added all available extras and allows its clients to book ancillary services such as extra luggage, priority boarding, different check-in options, special extras (golf, ski equipment, bikes & more).

Ancillary services in the online booking system by wbe.travel

About Travelfusion

Travelfusion, the world’s leading travel content aggregator, supplies all major GDSs and powers the largest leisure and corporate online travel agencies, corporate online travel agencies, and travel search companies with LCC content from around the globe.

Travelfusion headquartered in London (UK) with offices in Shanghai (China), was established in 2000. The company pioneered a low-cost Direct Connect distribution model that enabled suppliers to connect directly with online travel agencies, tour operators, and search companies. Nowadays Travelfusion is a leading player in the IATA NDC distribution initiative aiming to help airlines to more efficiently merchandise and distribute their content to agents and users.

Nice to know

  • Around 80% of the LLC work without individual contracts, just by signing an agreement with TRAVELFUSION. For the rest, you may require agreements with the airlines before selling them.
  • For the NDC content, you need to have separate agreements with NDC enabled airlines.
  • Most airlines can be booked by topping up the Travelfusion wallet.



Wbe.travel is prepared to connect you to the rich content offered by Travelfusion from +330 LCCs. Just ask us for your integration at sales@wbe.travel.



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