29 October 2019

George Dumitru steps on the main stage at WTM for a 30 minutes solo conference

George Dumitru steps on the main stage at WTM in Travel Forward Keynote Theatre to talk about “How Smaller Travel Operators Can Deliver in a Dynamic Market.”

A first answer would be blunt and easy – by using scalable travel technology but going in the depth of the topic you’ll find out numerous ways on how you can use the modern travel software to your advantage.

Join George on the first day of Wolrd Travel Market in the Travel Forward Keynote Theatre, after lunch for a 30 minutes conference session.

Small to medium providers make up the backbone of the travel market and are no less affected by the pressures and concerns that run across the industry. So, how can technology deliver on the kinds of business and strategies that such organizations are defining today? And, faced with a smorgasbord of options, how to decide whether to buy off the shelf vs building something bespoke, with what kinds of technology partnerships for success? In this session, we look to answer these questions so smaller companies can create and maintain a position of technology-backed strength.


George is the CEO of wbe.travel – the European travel software house he co-founded more than 15 years ago. Driven by a passion for innovation in technology and backed with strong business acumen, George created a suite of proprietary travel software products, evolving from a simple booking engine to an award-winning, cloud-based enterprise platform.

Today, his efforts are supported by a growing in-house development team that shares George’s commitment to continually improve and develop the wbe.travel product set using existing and emerging technologies. George manages two regional offices, in Europe and in the United Arab Emirates.

George is a frequent speaker and contributor to thought leadership articles to the travel industry.


Meet us there:

World Travel Market London, TF Keynote Theatre

Monday 4 Nov 2019

13:45 – 14:15

George DUMITRU - wbe.travel at WTM -How Can Travel SMEs Deliver in a Dynamic Market

Read more about the session HERE


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