30 April 2019

wbe.travel in Travolution Media – upgraded travel agent booking platform

Travolution Media offered a few more information, in a recent news article about the new development of wbe.travel’s B2B & Corporate Travel Booking System.

wbe.travel - upgraded travel agent booking platform - Travolution Media

European travel software specialist wbe.travel has launched its new B2B travel booking platform.

The wbe.travel system has received a facelift, an updated design, a more intuitive UX and a new set of functionalities to augment existing ones.

The company said the new features were designed to “better serve travel companies in need of a robust system which offers an exciting booking experience, to cater to all modern travel agent’s needs”.

George Dumitru, chief executive of wbe.travel, said: “wbe.travel is delighted to introduce its new Travel Booking System which offers state of the art design, user experience and modern functionalities for B2B travel agencies but also for the corporate segment.

“We’ve redesigned the system, page to page, button to button, to better cater to the needs of the modern travel companies which require a great response speed and a user experience to easily navigate, manage commissions and book travel services in no time.

“Each new features was built with the sole purpose, to help travel SMEs in managing their travel products fast and efficient, to add their mark-ups easily, reconciliation and associate payments to invoices etc. But in the end, our main objective was to help our clients sell more, in less time than they ever did before.

“In the past months, we’ve studied the most important travel trends on the market and our client’s feedback on the previous functionalities. We’ve gathered all the information into one simple development brief and put them into motion in the new booking engine.”


Read the full article HERE: http://bit.ly/2PsDW0k

Article published by Lee Hayhurst, Travolution.com 


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