02 April 2019

NEW B2B Travel Booking System from wbe.travel

NEW B2B Travel Booking System from wbe.travel – Robust Travel Technology

On Monday, April 1st 2019, wbe.travel, the European software house presented its new B2B Travel Booking Platform. The wbe.travel B2B System has received a facelift, an updated design, intuitive UX (user experience) and a brand new set of functionalities on top of the existing ones.

The features implemented by wbe.travel were designed with a specific purpose in mind, to better serve travel companies in need of a robust system which offers an exciting booking experience, to cater to all modern travel agent’s needs.

B2B Travel Booking System with workspaces - wbe.travel Travel Technology

The new set of B2B functionalities implemented by wbe.travel, include the following:

  • Complete overhaul of the design for the Mid Office engine
  • Faster loading times for the back-end engine
  • New Mid Office for root users: the system is now divided into 5 Workspaces (Reservation, Contracting, Finance, Reports, Administration) which can be selected upon login. Subsequently, the user can switch workspaces easily, using just a button on the top left corner of the screen
  • New format for the Reservation list, which is now adaptive to the screen and can be quickly filtered with buttons for distinct services and statuses
  • Multi-service bookings now have a link in the Reservation list and will show all bookings under the group
  • Provider reference is shown in red and the B2B reference is shown in black in the Reservation list – thus, the user can quickly identify which bookings have failed (those which do not have a red provider reference) with the supplier and need action
  • Check on provider button is now integrated into the Provider column of the Reservation list
  • The Cancellation Deadline column now also includes the Provider Deadline (in red) under the system deadline
  • When searching for specific reservations with the Find Reservation feature, the system will show which filters are currently applied
  • Close Booking Process has been added to the booking flow. Once the user starts the booking process, he can press this red button on the top of the screen to return to the Reservation list
  • Latest 10 searches panel added to the search screen for Hotels and Flights. This will show the most recent then searches made for/by the agency and can be clicked to reuse that information in a new search


Top 10 travel searches - wbe.travel Booking System - 800
  • In the search results, the “available” and “on request” statuses have been integrated into the Book Now button, meaning the button will be green for rooms that are available and red for rooms that are on request. The Add to quote button has been appended at the end of the Book Now button
  • Bookings for Corporates can now be made for a specific Traveler (employee of the company). Corporates add Travelers in the corporate profile then select them when making a booking. Data entered for the Traveler will be automatically populated in the new booking, if available. This step can be skipped if the booking is made for the corporate itself
  • After adding a Corporate, users can define Travel Policies for that corporate. These are represented by a set of restrictions (for Hotels and Flights) that can be associated to the Corporate (general policy) or a specific Traveler.  Restrictions can be related to occupancy, hotel category, country, city, airport, hotel and a specific budget and they will only apply from the corporate account; the root user can still make bookings for the corporate without restrictions.
  • Bookings for Travelers (individuals) can be made in one of the following three ways: Online, Offline and Local. Local bookings are dedicated for the B2C clients of the root and they work in a similar fashion to offline bookings. Currently, they are only available for hotels.
  • Account Payable added to the Finance Workspace – root users can now add details about invoices received from suppliers and associate payments with invoices or even add bulk payments.
  • The former Control Panel is now reorganized as the Administration workspace with more intuitive menus and sections.


For more information about the new B2B Booking System you can contact us directly at sales@wbe.travel.


About wbe.travel

wbe.travel is a European Travel Technology Company with expertise in reservation software development. wbe.travel has been on the market for more than 10 years and has implemented more than 100 Online Booking System all over the world.

wbe.travel’s Cloud-based Booking Platform is being used worldwide by 25.000 travel agents to manage their online business in a single engine with multiple suppliers and B2B, B2C, Affiliate / White Label sales channels.

The robust software solution hosts more than 150 XML travel suppliers with global reach and inventory of hotels, flights, transfers, car rentals, tours and with 3rd party services such as: payment gateways, channel managers etc.

wbe.travel has the perfect travel booking software for Travel Agents, Wholesalers, B2C OTA Websites, DMCs, TMCs and Tour Operators.


wbe.travel has a full portfolio of tech solutions to help you automate processes, increase efficiency, and boost your sales. Give it a try. Schedule a call with our team and let’s find together the best ways to grow your business.