11 November 2017

About Saas

SaaS-based technology is trending nowadays holding nearly 69 percent of overall public cloud market share, according to the latest data from research firm IDC. Businesses in the travel domain prefer SaaS-based technology, one of the most accessible services. Here are some reasons why:

But firstly what is SaaS really?

SaaS or “Software as a Service” is a software delivery method that provides access to the system and its functions remotely as a web-based service. In simple, non-technical terms, SaaS is a software distribution model in which the software products and modules are hosted by the provider, in this case, wbe.travel. The services are made available to you via the internet. That means that SaaS can be accessed via a web browser on any device that is connected to the internet.

All of the underlying infrastructure, software system and data are located in the wbe.travel’s data centre. wbe.travel manages the hardware and software, ensuring you the availability, the security and the data of the systems and its features. By choosing a SaaS plan wbe.travel allows your travel business to get quickly up and running with low, flexible investments.

wbe.travel SaaS method is hosted on Windows Azure Cloud. Having a common cloud for hosting means that you won’t need additional hardware, middleware or software resources and you’ll just use the engine and its modules on the online basis.

Unbeatable time to market with low to minimal costs

The SaaS model is nowadays used not only by larger companies but also by small and medium travel businesses with low budgets for IT. Since a traditional IT budget is made up of an IT team, software licenses, and equipment such as servers, SaaS offers a significantly reduced TCO (total cost of ownership). This is due to low cost of deployment, no expensive equipment purchases and the ease and speed of access.

Using an online system translates into no implementation hassle, rapid access to an already built system and finally a rapid time to market. This is the easiest way for the travel companies who want a very fast turnaround time for the engine to go LIVE.

On-demand software for mobility

SaaS is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software” because users usually access it online whenever they want to, from various types of devices such as laptops, pc, tablets, and phones. Moreover, our SaaS technology is quite simple to use and has a great User Experience.

A scalable and rich feature solution

SaaS offers the possibility to configure your system whenever or however you desire. Travel businesses tend to change niches according to the trending markets, need to expand and grow. This means that your business will need to change over time and so does your system. SaaS gives you the possibility to remodel, remove or add any features or modules from wbe.travel’s portfolio of products and services, in order to adapt and evolve according to the present and future needs.

wbe.travel’s SaaS solution has integrated all the products, modules and tools that you can mix in order to exploit the whole system in your best interest.

Pay-as-you-grow method

One major benefit of that SaaS uses a pay-as-you-grow method where there are no wasted resources since you only pay for services procured during your desired period of time, rather than provisioning for a certain amount of resources upfront, that you may have not tested, may not need or use at a certain period in time. Furthermore, SaaS pricing is based on a flexible monthly subscription plan with no implementation cost. Transitioning costs to a recurring operating expense allow many travel businesses to exercise better and predict more accurately the budgeting. You can also terminate SaaS offerings at any time to stop those recurring costs.

Service without risks

The SaaS Plan is financially least risky cause you are not paying any huge amount for setup and implementation and you don’t require any internal IT&C equipment and staff to manage the booking system. SaaS method costs are covered by a monthly subscription basis meaning that you can easily unsubscribe from the whole system or just from a particular module, that you no longer need or want.

Moreover, companies in the travel industry handle credit card and other personal information on a daily basis. This is why security is such a major concern. This is also why many companies within the industry are turning to secured ways to keep their critical data under control. In order to keep this data safe wbe.travel uses world-renowned and local payment gateways as strategical partners that manage the security and the information transfers. wbe.travel also supports travel businesses by assuring firewalls, backup recovery, and redundancy.

Stress-free upgrades

Usually, software products require constant upgrades in order to stay up-to-date to the trending market. In SaaS, the upgrades are pushed automatically by wbe.travel into the system that you are using and the process is smooth, the end-users usually do not feel it.

No maintenance, no efforts from your internal IT team

SaaS also brings an increase in human bandwidth: your in-house IT staffers are liberated from the tasks associated with on-premises hardware and software, allowing them to tackle projects more vital to your company’s future growth.

Furthermore, SaaS does not require you to have an internal IT staff since the whole system is hosted and managed entirely by wbe.travel.

Every good system has its limitation

SaaS brings little possibility for customization, as it is built and maintained on a common platform used by multiple subscribers. The system comes with a standard set of features that fit the majority needs of the travel companies worldwide from wbe.travel’s client portfolio. This does not mean that it is completely limited but the specific customizations are made as separate projects and require additional resources.

The same situation is also for support services. SaaS system has a limited, basic level of support for the subscription, in this case with the focus on the online ticketing tool. Additional support can be purchased separately, through support packages personalized according to each need.

In order for you to choose the ideal pricing plan for your travel business see also the License plan HERE and finally decide which one is best for you.

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