11 November 2017

About License

When selecting the pricing plan for your future software system analyse each of your possibilities, whether it is the popular on-demand software know as SaaS, the traditional On-premises License or the useful Hosted License. All three options have pros and cons but it is important for your travel business firstly to understand them before choosing the perfect fit.


In simple, non-technical terms, the License is usually installed and runs on computers on the premises (in the building) of the travel company using the software. In this case the responsibility of managing the infrastructure relies on your travel company and on your IT&C team.
Stability in handling mass distribution

One of the most important advantages offered by the License model is that it can handle a lot of transactions and distributions. This is because in the License model a single system has the bandwidth and the storage of the servers exclusively to itself. When managing multiple APIs, handling large amounts of year-round transactions or just wanting to integrate complex channel managers, travel companies turn to the obvious solution – the License plan, to gather all these operations onto a secure and stable data centre.

Just a one-time setup fee

wbe.travel licensees the right to use the system for your travel business for the entire lifetime of your company with just a one-time setup fee for installing the system. Moreover, the License method does not need any annual fees for renewing the agreement.

wbe.travel offers a complete one-time installation for the whole system, including modules and features, on as many servers as needed to fulfil all technical requirements of each software product.

The ideal plan for customization

The License plan is usually used by large, mature travel businesses that have developed over the years specific business rules and different working methodologies. For this internal procedures, regulations and for unique features, the travel companies need a large scale of customization which is covered by the License method in the implementation stage.

The License plan also offers the opportunity to mould the system according to your technical requirements. Moreover, if you already have integrated an operations software, wbe.travel offers you the possibility to add and connect it to a booking engine and other modules or features on top of your existing systems, such as: Finance and Accounting, Mid & Back-Office, Reports and many more.

Internal management as extra security for the On-premises License

With the help of your internal IT&C team you can manage your system and take care of all the security by choosing the right hardware infrastructure. Everything about the infrastructure, right from purchasing the servers, to installation and then to maintenance, requires the technical expertise of your team. Moreover, the License system is more complex and has the ability to handle a rich volume of transactions, that involves high maintenance and supervision from your experienced team. All the control is within your travel company.

Flexible monthly subscription for Support, Maintenance

In order to respond to various needs, wbe.travel assures a malleable way to choose the optimal additional services for support with reporting via management software, e-mail or instant messaging systems. The maintenance is also an optional feature but it implies upgrades to new functionalities and up-to-date design for improved user experience, all studied and created by the wbe.travel’s team. The maintenance can also include updates for the static inventory or bug fixing, at your request.

Additional Option: Hosted License

For medium size travel companies that can’t afford or do not want the expenses that come with an internal IT&C staff and hardware, wbe.travel has a supplementary solution to the classical on-premises hosting – the Hosted License. This is the optimal choice for your business to have the flexibility of the License but with a professional externalised solution for hosting, offered by wbe.travel.

With the technical know-how and the business experience gathered over the years, wbe.travel offers you the possibility have the optimal balance for servers setups and infrastructure.

Choosing this plan, you’ll receive more than just inside support and dedicated maintenance but also an externalised IT team for your travel software. This plan has one the best efficiency in costs management and in resource optimization.

Moreover, you can choose with the wbe.travel’s advisory the right hosting package type according to the booking volume per month and adapt it over time, when your business progresses.

Even the License method has its weak sides

Although the License plan has a higher level of customization, the implementation can take much longer, due tu the fact that the system with all its desired features needs a new installation whether it is on your servers or on wbe.travel data centre. All the custom features, special rules and methodologies will be developed by wbe.travel as a tailor made solution and will imply an extended work. All APIs and connections will also need integration.

If you chose the On-premises License, when the whole process of instalation and implementation is over, your internal team receives a training and toghether with wbe.travel starts thoroughly testing the system and its functionalities.

In order for you to choose the ideal pricing plan for your travel business see also the SaaS plan HERE and finally decide which one is best for you.

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