18 September 2017

wbe.travel a reliable partner of the awarded Solution Provider – Rooms XML – Stuba

Winner in 2016 and nominated in the 2017 th edition for “World’s Leading Hotel Booking Solution Provider”, Rooms XML (now known as Stuba) takes pride in naming wbe.travel its reliable travel technology partner.

As a result, for the long persuasive work of the allies, wbe.travel’s system has all the RoomsXML inventory fully mapped at the highest level of quality.

The XML/API optimization project between the two parties is up to date, complete and fully operational, meaning a great efficiency in interaction between the systems and optimal business for wbe.travel’s clients.

RoomsXML trusted the best technology ally for their implementation so they chose wbe.travel. By choosing wbe.travel’s technology clients have multiple benefits and no risks.

Grab your trusted technology today at sales@wbe.travel

About RoomsXML
RoomsXML Solutions Ltd. is a B2B accommodation wholesale distributor designed exclusively for travel companies globally. RoomsXML is a single feed to approx 92,000 unique properties across thousands of destinations around the world, offering real-time access.

Its local reach combined with global buying power enables the company to establish a fruitful relationship with properties that not only adds to the unique product offering and rate competitiveness but also helps in getting availability during peak seasons.


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