19 January 2016

wbe.travel – Software for Own Contracts

Hi there,

Did you know there is an easier way to sell your contracted hotels in Dubai and all across the world with no errors in your system?

Well, we have engineered the perfect solution for you.

We are able to help you reduce manual errors by either uploading rates manually with minimum steps in our predefined hotel contracts or have real-time connections with any Channel Manager in order to automatically get rates & availability for your top-selling hotels.

XML Suppliers for Hotels

How does this work?

– You will benefit from the fastest speed to see your hotels in the search result page in the Middle East
– Take advantage of ready made rules and a proven contracting software in the Middle East
– You can combine your exclusive inventory of contracted rates (own or via Channel Manager) with wholesaler inventory and see them in one single result page.

wbe.travel travel wholesaler inventory

How will you distribute your contracts?
– Working with a contracting system specialized on the Middle Eastern market you can:
– Combine your hotel contracts with all major XML suppliers and sell via XML Out to your B2B partners
– Sell them to your own network of travel agents via the B2B portal
– Sell them directly to travellers via the fastest B2C website with Arabic content
– Show mapped hotels both from your own portfolio and from XML Suppliers

wbe.travel - distribute your hotel contracts

Our goal is for you to succeed in your contracting business. Feel free to contact us at sales@wbe.travel or call at +971 50 879 94 95 to set-up a meeting in Dubai.


1 month of free trial. No credit card required.