28 September 2015

Json is the new XML – sell your travel inventory to any client in seconds

Did you know that all hotel suppliers across the globe are replacing their old XML protocols with the newest JSON format?

And now it is available to you as well!

We at wbe.travel are able to offer you one single JSON connection for both own contracted hotels and 3rd party suppliers with the following advantages:

Incredible speed – receive search results in few seconds on all your inventory (own contracts + 3rd parties)
Asynchronous search results – show your own contracted properties immediately without waiting for 3rd parties to reply
Track the volume of searches and bookings and adjust your mark-ups in a couple of seconds for each client

We have a Price Packages for every business size (please see above)

All packages benefit from the following features:

– Full JSON connector
– Search for availability & prices
– Cancellation Policy
– Get daily price breakdown
– Statistic data download
– Mapped content
– Create new booking
– Cancel booking
– View booking details

If you need more than 10 clients for your JSON integration, contact us at sales@wbe.travel for a special quote.


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